Equestrian Facility

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Here you will find all the documents required upon commencing board at our facility as well as a few other informative items. You may print copies for your reference and either mail or email a copy of the completed document.

An application form must be provided to us for review and acceptance prior to acceptance of boarding contract.

Please ensure that you have read all the documents in their ENTIRETY to ensure all the details are understood by both parties involved.


Mountainview Ranch

Equine Therapy Information

Here you will find a "flyer" describing all of the benefits of Light, Massage and Vertebral re-alignment therapies. Feel free to print a copy to keep for yourself or share with other riders. Thanks

Release form

This is a mandatory document for anyone that will be working with or around any horse on the property.

Boarding Agreement

Here is the "skeleton" document for information purposes. Once a verbal agreement has been made all of the appropriate details will be added